Parents at Westbourne Grove Junior School in Westcliff On Sea have reacted with outrage after admin staff in the school’s office referred to their children as ‘little sh*ts’ in a text message.

According to screenshots that have been seen by Southend News Network, admin staff sent a message warning parents that school would be closing early today, and it said:

PLEASE NOTE that school will finish at 2.30pm today instead of 3.00pm, so you will need to collect your little shits at the earlier time. Office Staff.

We contacted the headteacher at the school, Dr Clive Gland, and he told Southend News Network that the error was probably down to an ‘autocorrect issue.’

He added: ‘I have spoken to the member of staff who sent out the text message, and it would appear that we have had some technical issues in the office this morning.’

‘As any parent will tell you, autocorrect is one of the biggest bains of modern life, and on this occasion it is unfortunate that ‘children’ has been changed to a vulgar expression.’

‘However, we have taken steps to ensure that it won’t happen again, and in future all text messages of this nature will be double-checked before they are sent out.’

It isn’t the first time that the school has been in the news recently, as parents were reportedly unhappy with a recent banner that appeared next to the main entrance at the beginning of January that said, ‘This is a good school.’

One mum complained, ‘The school is supposed to be encouraging children to write as creatively as possible, and this has to be the single worst piece of advertising I have ever seen.’

‘After all, you wouldn’t go to Tesco and see a poster saying ‘This is a good packet of Wagon Wheels,’ would you?’