Parents have been reacting with outrage and anger online after an episode of Postman Pat included an ‘outdoor sex scene’ involving the popular postman and farmer Alf Thompson.

In the scene, Pat and Alf are seen engaging in something called ‘trunking,’ which is an outdoor sexual act where one individual places their head into an open tree trunk and their partner attempts anal intercourse.

The position was invented in Sweden in the 1980’s, and it has become more and more popular in the United Kingdom thanks to the cult adult movie ‘Arbor Amour.’

According to the BBC, the decision to include the scene was an attempt to increase awareness of ‘alternative sexual pursuits,’ and a spokesperson told Southend News Network that the show was all about ‘breaking barriers.’

He added: ‘Our research shows that children in 2017 become aware of alternative sexual pursuits at the age of 2 and a half, and so we felt that it was appropriate to introduce our audience to the concept of ‘trunking’ as this has the knock-on effect of starting a conversation with parents and carers.’

‘Our licence fee remit requires us to attempt thought-provoking topics, and the writing team had to make a choice between this act and feltching.’

‘We ran the latter past Ofcom and they said that this would be difficult to animate in plasticine – it is usually enough of a struggle to depict running water in Greendale.’

One parent was so outraged by the scene that was broadcast at 7.45am on Sunday morning that she went straight onto the CBeebies Facebook page and posted:

My son has a Postman Pat doll and he excitedly ran into the kitchen and asked if we could go to Hockley Woods like ‘Pat and the farmer man did.’ 

The whole scene was a disgrace. I’m no prude, but surely Alf’s hat would have fallen off.

It’s typical of the BBC to be pushing their gay left-wing agenda on everyone else.