As a busy parent, are YOU concerned about your children being exposed to nut allergies at school?

Parents across Essex have been told to ‘remain alert’ after 15 different schools across the county were closed on Tuesday over NUT ALLERGY OUTBREAKS – the closures will remain in place for the next few days while health authorities investigate the situation.

The first school to raise an alert on Tuesday was Canvey Reservoir Primary Academy, and according to their administrator they received ‘nut allergy’ notifications from parents of five different children on the same day.

By 3pm on Tuesday 18th another 14 schools had been in touch with Essex County Public Health to say that ‘unprecedented’ numbers of parents had declared that their children were suffering from nut allergies, and the decision was taken to close these schools immediately to allow forensic teams to search the premises and try to find the root cause of the outbreak.

An insider source within ECPH confirmed that more than 167 new cases had been reported in a single day across the 15 schools in question from Southend to Manningtree, and all other primary/secondary schools have been put on to ‘red alert’ status with information packs being sent out by courier for emergency training sessions on Wednesday.

Mum of four Camilla Nijerk will have to keep her kids at home tomorrow after their school Cherry Orchard Way Technical Primary Academy was closed for testing, and she said: ‘A lot of parents were collecting their children early on Tuesday afternoon, and I rushed down there when I heard that there was a risk that my own children were being exposed to nut allergies – it’s disgusting that the school hasn’t done more to protect their pupils.’

‘The really worrying thing here is that nobody really knows how a nut allergy can be passed from one child to another, and my GP has said that there are no vaccines available on the NHS. I have never been more worried as either a parent or a human being in general.’

‘Whatever the outcome of the investigation may be, I will be informing the school office that all of my children are allergic to nuts as a precaution.’

One of the worst affected schools was Elmsleigh Hill Primary in Leigh On Sea – by Tuesday afternoon more than 31 new cases of nut allergies had been reported by parents.

Headteacher Dr Hazel Al-Mondy said: ‘I would like to apologise to any parents who have been affected by the temporary closure of our school, but with so many new cases being reported in a single day there was no way that we could remain open.’

‘As a precaution, I have warned the newsagents next door to stop selling Snickers and Picnic bars, although we originally asked them to close their doors completely just in case the nut allergy outbreak could be traced back to their shop.’

Complete list of Essex schools that will REMAIN CLOSED on Wednesday:

Canvey Reservoir Primary Academy – Cherry Orchard Way Technical Primary Academy – Elmsleigh Hill Primary School – South Southend Primary School – North Southend Primary School – East Leigh Infants School – Chelmsford River Vocational Infants Schools – White Notley Infants Centre of Excellence – Hockley Woods Primary School – Hamster Infants School – Prittle Brook Infants School – Harlow High Low Primary School – Purdeys Industrial Infants Academy – Clackton Beach Infants School – Sudbree Infants Academic Academy





  1. This outbreak is very worrying.

    As soon as I can get an appointment I’ll be going to our local medical centre for some advice about my little Johnny’s nuts.