Parents all over the world have admitted that they are shocked by the fact that leaving their kids unsupervised on tablets watching YouTube is a terrible idea.

Michelle Garridge told us that she can’t understand why YouTube doesn’t constantly monitor every single video every second of every day when they know full well how many four-year-olds use the service.

She added, ‘What’s the point in shoving them in front of YouTube if you actually have to contribute some sort of parental input?’

‘What a monumental waste of time. I might as well just take them to the park or read a book with them instead.’

‘Personally I find it disgusting that video uploaders are mis-labelling clips on purpose. If they are going to use an episode of Peppa Pig to tell my child to play ‘Club Tropicana’ with the contents of the cupboard underneath the kitchen sink, then surely they should have the decency to caption it as such.’

In other news, there have been growing calls for the app TikTok to be banned.

It’s got nothing to do with the potential for young children being groomed, it’s more because the Facebook adverts are fucking irritating.