Parents have reacted angrily to a range of festive GELF On The Shelf toys as they allegedly promote the idea of forced marriage.

According to people who have complained about the toys, they present an ‘unrealistic view’ of life relationships by giving the impression that an individual can be offered for marriage against their will in return for a vital piece of electrical equipment.

One outraged parent said, ‘The character names are nearly impossible for kids to pronounce as well.’

‘We have one called ‘Achechech-ach-achechechech.’ My four-year-old can’t manage that, so he just calls her ‘The Looker’ instead.’

‘I tried complaining to the manufacturer, but they weren’t interested. They just kept telling me that it would be culturally insensitive towards the Kinitawowi to withdraw them from sale.’

We visited a Kinitawowi settlement to find out more about the toys, but instead of an interview one of the tribe’s elders insisted upon grabbing one of our reporter’s ankles and doing a bizarre hopping dance.