Parents across the UK have been told to warn their children about ‘070d,’ a dangerous new drug that has been reported across the country.

According to reports, the initial effects are similar to smoking a menthol cigarette, before users then experience uncontrollable diarrhoea if they consume a large amount of the variant that is described as ‘sugar free.’

We carried out an undercover investigation and shockingly discovered that children as young as seven are able to buy them in newsagents and corner shops.

Secretly filmed footage shows multiple tubes of 070d sitting innocently with everyday confectionery.

One child we met wished to remain anonymous, but he told us that he regularly drinks Coca-Cola after a baggy of 070d to leave his mouth feeling ‘as fresh as an Alpine peak.’

In another development, police are also warning the public to remain vigilant for another street drug that is referred to as ‘070j.’

It is said to be so addictive that lovers have been known to fight over the last one in the pack.