Parents all over the world have been warned to switch off YouTube immediately if they spot their children watching a certain Peppa Pig video on the video viewing service.

Michelle Garridge told us that she was ‘shocked beyond belief’ earlier today when a seemingly normal episode of the popular kids TV show suddenly transformed into the main character speaking directly to the screen.

Ms Garridge said, ‘Thankfully I was in the room at the same time as my two-year-old daughter Bipi.’

‘Peppa just started talking directly to the viewer, telling them to go and make a cup of tea and to put the milk in first.’

‘If that wasn’t bad enough, she then just kept repeating ‘Vote Conservative’ over and over again while removing a USB stick from Mummy Pig’s computer without even ejecting it properly.’

‘I am just about to go onto Facebook now and make a warning post about this dangerous video with appalling grammar and shitty screenshotting just to make everyone aware and create a massive amount of hysteria for no good reason.’

‘I’d better start it with ‘I bet 95% of you won’t share this’ to make sure that everyone shares it. A quick switch to my profile picture with the baps out and we’re laughing.’