Thousands of people visit Southend town centre every week for work, leisure or shopping, and they will now be able to enjoy a new PARK AND RIDE scheme thanks to a campaign by the Southend News Network.


Under the proposals that are due to launch in January 2016, Warrior Square Car Park will be reserved exclusively for users of the Park and Ride scheme.

Parking will be charged at a flat rate of £5 per vehicle per day, and this fee will include a return bus journey to The Royals, The Victoria or Southend Bus Station – the shuttle bus will run on a loop every ten minutes, 24 hours a day.

With the average journey on foot from the car park to the High Street taking as much as 90 seconds at certain times of the day, we can safely say that this will improve the experience for everyone visiting the town centre.

Hermione Cheese, one of the Cambridge graduates behind the scheme, was quick to point out to our reporter that the airport would also benefit.

She said, ‘The new scheme will also be hugely beneficial for anyone flying to and from London Southend Airport.

After parking in the town centre, air passengers will only be a shuttle bus and a short train ride away from the main passenger terminal.

Outside of Greater Anglia operating times, a short walk (2.5 miles) from The Victoria to the airport will be necessary, but this will hardly be an inconvenience when you consider that you can fly from a local airport.

The bus service will be operated by The Southend Bus Company, and people who do not use the Park and Ride scheme will still be able to take the shuttle bus for a set fee of £2.50 per journey.

In the summer of 2017, a new C2C station will also open next to the car park, so users will be able to get a train directly to Southend Central in just 15 seconds.


  1. Typical council, no thought for the rest of us, making us walk all the way from our cars to the shuttle bus. If you are stuck at the back of the car park that could be almost 30 metres. On a hot summers day you could die of dehydration. They should lay on a taxi service.

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