Southend News Network is calling upon the Mayor of London Mr Sadiq Khan to introduce forward-facing kids seats on all London Underground trains that are also fitted with little plastic pretend controls so that children can imagine that they are driving the train.


While our Chief Reporter was engaged in conversation with a number of fellow London Underground passengers today, the idea of these child-friendly seats was floated.

We decided that it was time to make this a reality.

A ride on the London Underground for children can be incredibly boring – this is mainly because many miles of the network are below the surface and therefore offer very little in the way of window entertainment.

Nobody wants a screaming child all the way along the Victoria Line for instance that is completely tunnel-based, and a simple squeaky steering wheel console could benefit the journey of everyone else within a 20-metre radius.

At the very least, these toys could be added to the front of trains on the Docklands Light Railway that are driver-free anyway.

The benefits for a child’s development are also numerous.

First of all, the units would inspire young children to become the tube drivers of the future, while also promoting the values of joining a union.

On top of this, having these on night tube trains would also reduce incidents of violent drunken behaviour, as believe you me there is nothing more fun than necking twelve pints and then sitting with a fake steering wheel while making ‘beep-beep’ noises.

Please sign the petition here, and let Sadiq Khan know that inaction on this issue is no longer an option.