A number of sources have confirmed that TV personality Piers Morgan is critical after he was involved in a number of disagreements on Twitter over today’s Women’s Rights march in London. 

Earlier today, he was critical when he tweeted to explore the possibility of there being a ‘Men’s March’ to protest at the creeping global emasculation of his gender by rabid feminists.’

Shortly after this initial outburst of him being critical, a number of Twitter users replied to inform him that he was a total and utter bell end. 

One user posted: ‘My thoughts and prayers are with Piers evening.’

‘His masculinity and gender identity are clearly threatened enormously by millions of people marching about subjects that have exactly nothing to do with him whatsoever.’

‘Maybe he is having some sort of male menopause or something. I’ll send some chocolate.’

Sources close to Mr Morgan hinted that shortly after his critical period, he downloaded a new Burt Reynolds screensaver and drank a bottle of Old Spice to feel manly again.’

‘He will attend a GP appointment on Monday morning to explore his options for getting his head surgically removed from his rear passage.’