A spokesperson for the United Kingdom’s Brexit Department has confirmed that Pinky and The Brain will shortly be joining David Davis’ top negotiating team in Brussels.

According to a brief statement explaining the new appointments, their role will form part of a new negotiating strategy that involves saying something incredibly meaningful and serious one minute, before following it up with complete and utter gibberish the next in an attempt at ‘reverse psychology.’

A source in Brussels said: ‘An initial meeting with the new team and some EU representatives went very well a few days ago.’

‘The Brain said ‘Frankly, it is in everyone’s best interest to make progress by meeting in the middle and finding commonly beneficial ground on a number of key topics including the rights of citizens and a financial settlement.’

‘Everyone on the EU’s side of the table just nodded and looked very impressed.’

‘About ten seconds later, Pinky then entered the discussion by saying ‘I like chips. Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.’

‘This made everyone stop and look puzzled for a minute, and they repeated this pattern of genius and lunacy for the rest of the afternoon.’

‘By the end of the discussion, everyone negotiating on behalf on the other 27 member nations was on their knees in front of The Brain while he was declaring that his next move will be to take over the world.’

‘In many ways it’s like ‘good cop, bad cop’ – eventually you’ll get the other side to say and do whatever you want.’

According to a junior official in Brussels, the Christian Barnier is looking to bring Yakko, Wakko and Dot into the fray to try and achieve some balance.