A 34-year-old mum from Southend in Essex has launched an appeal on Facebook to find an incredibly valuable and irreplaceable item of massive sentimental value that she never bothered taking a photo of. 

Michelle Garridge of Fairfax Drive added that while she had more than 65,000 photos online of her two children Bipi and Jett, along with eight images of a man hanging around in town last week who ‘looked a bit foreign or something,’ she has precisely no photos of the incredibly valuable and irreplaceable item that would have been really helpful.

She said: ‘I do have one photo that I found on Google Images. It’s sort of similar in a way, except for the size, colour, shape and a variety of other design characteristics.’

‘I have a suspicion that it has been stolen, but I don’t want to get the police involved – I would rather just publish a half-assed, incomprehensible collection of paragraphs all joined together instead.’

Within three minutes of Michelle posting a passionate and mainly ambiguous plea for help on Facebook, 16 people immediately replied and asked her to make her post ‘Public’ as their shares would have been pretty much useless otherwise.

Michelle’s sister-in-law Naomi Schett commented: ‘Shared in Christchurch, New Zealand hun, just in case your incredibly valuable and irreplaceable item of massive sentimental value manages to somehow rematerialise more than 10,000 miles away on the other side of the planet.’

At the time of going to press, Michelle’s incredibly valuable and irreplaceable item of massive sentimental value is yet to be located, but she did get an animated gif of a puppy for some reason, or a Minion with a motivational ‘keep on in there’ message or whatever.