A plumber from Southend On Sea in Essex has decided to spend £25,000 on a customised Ford Transit adorned with graphics and marketing material for his company while also keeping a free Yahoo address that he set up thirteen years ago.

Nathan Robinet of NR Plumbing Ltd told Southend News Network that his existing email address of nathanisasexbeast@yahoo.co.uk doesn’t make his company look unprofessional in the slightest.

He said: ‘After the £25,000 that it cost me to get my new van on the road, I decided that the extra £7.49 to get a branded email address set up was one step too far.’

‘I set it up while I was at uni so I would have something to put on CVs, but a lack of job interviews resulted in me training to be a plumber and going down the self-employed route.’

‘I feel proud driving around town in my new vehicle – apostrophes to designate that a noun is plural are optional, yes?’

‘The Ford dealership offered me an upgraded model made of clear perspex for £2000 more so that other motorists would be able to see oncoming traffic whenever I park on a T-junction, but that seemed a little excessive.’

We asked Mr Robinet if he is also considering upgrading his business website that can currently be found at nathantheplumber.freeserve.co.uk/homeplumbingservices/45644334955.htm as it currently has a number of animated GIFs of flying toasters.

He said: ‘To be honest I am just concentrating on my Facebook page these days. I have 450 likes already and like most small business owners I only really use it to post in an unbelievably aggressive manner whenever anybody says the slightest little negative thing about my company.’

‘I may just change my tactic and share memes that are entirely unrelated to plumbing – nobody does that already.’