Could you help solve this terrible crime?

Take a good look at this image that has been taken from CCTV footage from 1989?

On 24th September 1989, a man burst into a corner shop on Sutton Street and demanded that the cashier hand over everything in the till and a Curly Wurly. The Southend News Network has managed to uncover footage of this shocking event for the first time – can you identify the crook?

Our criminology expert has confirmed that the footage shows a male betweeen 15-85 years old, and there is also a possibilty that he was clean shaven at the time.

Local officer PC Michael Mystic thinks that this footage will lead to the thief being apprehended. ‘Given the amount of time that has passed, we know that the incident will still be fresh in the minds of everyone who saw it.’

Have you been affected by that fateful night in 1989? Would you be willing to speak to a Southend News Network journalist? Contact us now – your views could appear in an upcoming 32-page pullout about the theft in the printed edition of Southend News.

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