Police in Southend are appealing to the public for information about a suspect who was witnessed trying to ‘sexually interfere with seven cats’ in one evening on Friday. 

According to a press statement given by Community Liaison Officer PC Roger Peassi, a member of the public was picked up on multiple CCTV cameras across Southend trying to ‘sexually interfere’ with seven different cats during the evening of Friday 5th May.

He added: ‘This must have been a traumatic experience for the animals who were involved, but our investigation has been made incredibly difficult by the fact that our suspect was wearing a loose hooded jumper with their head fully covered.’

‘We do not know at the present time if the suspect is male or female.’

‘Shortly before 10pm, the suspect is seen on York Road picking up a juvenile Ginger Tom and giving it a kiss on the lips, and this progressed by 10.25pm when they were filmed on Woodgrange Drive by a concerned corner shop owner.’

‘Footage shows them rubbing a black cat’s belly while singing Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On softly in its ear.’

‘At 11pm another camera picked them up in Southchurch Road doing a slow dance with a Tortoiseshell on its hind legs, and at 11.20pm they can be seen in the High Street with one hand getting dangerously close to a  Siamese’s balloon knot.’

‘The final three incidents are too harrowing to describe here but a file is being prepared for the Crown Prosecution Service.’

We asked PC Peassi if there are any leads at the moment.

He sakd: ‘Although the CCTV footage isn’t much help, the suspects mobile phone was unlocked throughout the whole evening, and the Facebook’s new Civil Safety feature has enabled us to obtain some details of the user’s profile.’

‘We are asking members of the public to look at the information we have so far and share this appeal as much as they can so the suspect can be found.’

PLEASE LOOK at the latest profile information that the police has about the suspect here and get in touch if you can help.