Residents of Rochford have been issued with police advice to keep detailed records of incidents involving anti-social moped riding in the Rochford area. 

According to Sgt Roger Buqpass of the Community Anti-Social Diary Keeping Confederation Alliance, all residents should note the date and time of each incident carefully in case the details are ever needed in the future. 

Sgt Buqpass told Southend News Network: ‘The only way that this problem will be dealt with is if we come together as a community to take detailed notes whenever we observe moped riders on pavements – this includes any registration numbers that they will certainly have not removed as a result of this advice being issued.’

‘Once a number of residents have built up diaries of this anti-social moped riding, we can then put all of them together to create one really big diary, and then we can make a nice leather cover for it or something.’

‘Unfortunately, these moped vehicles are noisy by design, and so we can’t stop them driving around heavily populated areas in the middle of the night and making a big noise as they all clearly have vital business to attend to.’

‘However, if you have any concerns about one of these riders, we suggest approaching them and politely requesting that they ride elsewhere. Failing that, a strongly-worded letter or a box of Terry’s All Gold might do the trick.’

We asked Sgt Buqpass if having a greater police presence on the streets of Rochford and Ashingdon would act as a deterrent to anti-social moped riders. 

He said: ‘Possibly. However, a fine line has to be drawn between policing and harassment.’