It has been announced today by police chiefs that the England flag, also known as The Cross of St. George, is only a racist symbol if the person who is holding or wearing it does incredibly racist and hateful things.

The announcement came after members of the public complained to the government that it was no longer acceptable to display the national logo because apparently it is racist.

Chief Supt. Lin Tendent of the UK Police Confederation said, ‘The Cross of St. George isn’t racist in itself, but it can become associated with racism when it is draped over the shoulders of a gammon-faced shitweasel who is singing about sending the ‘moslems’ back where they came from.’

‘For example, the flag of Scotland only becomes racist if you walk along the street waving one while making monkey noises towards a group of black children.’

‘Therefore, all England people can display England flags as much as they want without the fear of being labelled as ‘racist,’ provided that they do not act in a racist manner simultaneously.’

‘This is mainly because while there is no law against displaying an England flag, there is one that covers being a hateful twatgibbon.’

Representatives of the Peaceful Movement Against Extremism Because Everyone Else Must By Default Be In Favour Of It Dave Fringe told Southend News Network that he was ‘delighted’ with the news.

He added, ‘You can’t even be proud of your own country anymore these days. I yearn for times gone by when you could just say what you wanted without British political correctness getting in the way.’

‘I mean fair enough we had polio as well, but that was a small price to pay for freedom of speech.’