A spokesperson for Metropolitan Police has confirmed that detectives are currently looking for a man who ‘repeatedly pinched a woman’s bottom’ in a South London pub on various occasions during the 1980’s. 

They have urged anyone who may recognise the individual to come forward.

Det Supt Ian Tendent added: ‘We only have limited information so far, but a lady has come forward and made these historical allegations that we must investigate thoroughly.’

’We know that he may have been an unlicensed market trader, and also that he often made a ‘whistling sound’ while carrying out this activity.’

’According to our intelligence, he also used sexist language on a number of occasions, referring to a male family member as a ‘tart’ and accusing his wife of being a ‘dozy mare.’

’Just because this behaviour may have been acceptable at the time doesn’t mean that it cannot be grossly unacceptable now, and this is why we are looking to speak with him as a matter of urgency.’