The world-famous gardening expert Mr Bloom was arrested today after police uncovered more than £200,000-worth of cannabis growing on his vegetable patch.

Close friends have already said that this would probably explain why he is always ‘here and there.’

One said, ‘Like so many others, he has been trying to cover it up with tomatoes, but I first had my suspicions last week when I overheard him talking to a cabbage and some other vegetables.’

‘He’s always asking me to meet them, and when I refuse he just starts singing – the guy’s off his nut.’

‘Why else would be go around calling kids ‘tiddlers?’

One customer said, ‘He always told me to call him up and let him know, where it is I’d like to go.’

‘In my case, it was the land of magic unicorns and rolling hills made from giant Oreos before I come down and clear out the local corner shop of Quavers and Orange Tango.’

A source within the BBC told us that they had suspicions after a scene had to be cut from an episode in the last series showing him pulling his van over and trying to sell an eighth of Moroccan Black to a group of pensioners.

In another development, Furchester City Council have confirmed that a major local hotel will remain closed until further notice after an investigation uncovered ‘significant’ levels of money laundering at the venue.

Police have revealed that they have been working with a vital informant within the hotel who ‘flipped.’

A police spokesperson added, ‘All it Look was a bag of cookies and he starting singing like Big Bird.’