A vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Southend On Sea is closed this evening after a police raid uncovered 50 baby soys being illegally held in what has been described as Europe’s largest illegal soy milking plant.

Shortly after 3pm on Monday afternoon, armed cops swooped upon Beat The Meat in Fairfax Drive and ordered all diners to leave.

They then broke down a false partition and allegedly uncovered 50 baby soys being brutally milked.

Special Ops Officer Reginald Veginald told our Chief Reporter that it was ‘the most horrific image that he had ever seen.’

In a statement, he added: ‘The regulations around baby soy milking in the United Kingdom make it perfectly clear that both adult and baby soy females, or ‘soyinas’ must be kept in humane conditions with adequate outdoor provision so that they are free to exercise and generally enjoy a good quality of life.’

‘The only time that they should be indoors is during spells of inclement weather and when the soy bull is ready for a mating session.’

According to a source, police only became aware of the illegal baby soy farm when a disgruntled customer was asked to leave because the owner overheard her saying that she had ‘mince’ in her pocket.

It has now emerged that she was talking about a packet of Polos, but as she was walking out of the door she remarked that she could hear a faint bleating noise from behind the wall.

After todays raid, it is clear that this noise was the strained cry of more than four dozen defenceless animals.

Speaking through his solicitor, Beat The Meat’s owner Leviathan Montrose-Nash Nash said: ‘People just think that soy milk just appears, but the process is incredibly expensive.’

‘Having said that, it’s nothing compared to the ball ache of having to milk an almond.’