Police in Southend have confirmed that a search is underway for a ‘lunatic’ who has spotted riding a mobility scooter at 134 mph on Saturday evening. 

A spokesperson for Essex Police said: ‘At 10.04pm on Saturday, the fixed safety camera on Queensway in Southend Town Centre submitted a report to say that a driver had been clocked at 134 mph – no registration details were visible at the time of the offence.’

‘After looking at the photos, it appears that the speeding offence was committed by a masked lunatic of an individual wearing a denim jacket and Union Jack swim shorts.’

‘It’s clear that the mobility scooter had been modified in some way as these vehicles are not usually capable of these speeds. Anyone with any information about this particular scooter needs to contact police as a matter of urgency.’

Earlier today, Southend News Network’s Newsdesk received an anonymous phone call from someone who claims to be involved in the local ‘Mob Mod’ scene – this is short for ‘Mobility Modification,’ and sources claim that illegal modding of mobility scooters has never been more of a worry for Southend residents.

He said: ‘Although we have a legitimate car garage in Rochford, we have been forced to start taking orders for illegal Mob Mod work just to balance the books.’

‘Enthusiasts start by stealing scooters from the elderly and disabled who desperately need them, and then they are resprayed to avoid detection.’

‘Last week, a customer asked for quadruple nitrous tanks to be fitted to a scooter that was originally limited to 10 mph.’

‘We then had to order a custom part that engineers normally fit to light aircraft to help them take off safely – this could be the person who was caught on the speed camera.’

A spokesperson for Southend Borough Council told Southend News Network that an Enforcement Notice has been obtained to prevent any Mob Mod cruise meetings from taking place over the summer.

After making some enquiries on local Facebook groups, it emerged that ready-modded mobility scooters are available from around £800. Details of the sellers have been passed to the police.