Police in Southend have called in officers from all over the South of England to search for a 24-year-old mum of three who has been declared missing – friends and family raised the alarm when she hadn’t posted anything new on Facebook for 15 minutes earlier this morning.

More than 30 officers are currently engaged in the search for Bryony Brian from Southchurch, and her mother Chloe made a frantic appeal after she stopped responding on Whatsapp as well.

Mum Chloe said: ‘During waking hours, my Bryony always uploads photos of her kids eating, posts about how their dad can’t be bothered with anything, and just generally checks in wherever she happens to be sitting while tagging herself as ‘watching Britain’s Got Talent’ or ‘breathing.’

‘I noticed this morning that more than 15 minutes had passed since she was last online, and when I only got one tick after messaging her on Whatsapp I started to panic.’

‘If you are reading this message on your phone, please let me know if you are ok with a smiley face or a ‘BRB’ or something.’

A police spokesperson confirmed that the search for Bryony was going to be difficult as there are currently no photos on her public or friends-only Facebook profile.

Sgt Argent of Southend CID added: ‘Bryony took all of her selfies offline last week as someone said that her fake tan was ‘five shades past burnt oak,’ and so we currently have no photos to use in the investigation.’

‘Her front door currently has no doorbell on as it is in York Road, and this means that we are only able to contact her through social media.’

Our officers are needed for patrolling the seafront on the next bank holiday weekend, so the sooner we find her the better.’