A police spokesperson has confirmed that patrols have been ‘stepped up’ at South Essex beauty spot Two Tree Island after a website error announced dogging was allowed on the site – a further mistake also stated that dogging was ‘allowed if under effective control.’

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Although the nature reserve situated just off the coast of Leigh On Sea has an unofficial reputation for being a hotspot for those who wish to watch other members of the public engage in sexual intercourse, the online mistakes reportedly led to ‘hundreds’ of dogging fans visiting the site over the last 72 hours.

One fan of ‘outdoor intercourse spectatorship’ told Southend News Network that they rushed straight to the island’s car park after seeing the updated online information – they have asked to remain anonymous.

They said: ‘I was a little shocked at first when I noticed that the nature reserve’s official website was stating that dogging was now officially recognised as an available activity – usually myself and my colleagues are warned that this sort of thing should be kept hush-hush, or at the very least on a need-to-know basis.’

‘As I read further down the website, I saw that they were advising that dogging was allowed when under effective control, and so I just assumed that the local authority had decided to regulate the activity somehow. After all, most things in life can be carried out safely and responsibly with the appropriate regulations in place.’

‘People have to remember that 2016 Britain is accepting of all walks of life and whatever hobbies they may choose. Society’s attitude towards outdoor sexual pursuits has changed greatly over the last 20 years, and so I just assumed that the information being given out was genuine.’

‘I arrived at 11pm on Friday evening and there must have been 200 cars down there. We even managed to recruit a few members of The Caravan Club who were staying on the site – the rest of them did seem to be a little bit bewildered with it all though.’

‘Even if this does all turn out to be a huge misunderstanding, there really has never been a better time to get involved in the South Essex dogging scene. Apart from this seaside setting, our weekly meetings at Waitrose in Southend are growing every single week.’

The South Essex Outdoor Alliance issued a statement earlier this evening to confirm that there had been a ‘serious error’ on its own website and the section covering Two Tree Island – the statement was issued in conjunction with the Public Decency Taskforce of Essex Police.

Roger Bush of the SEOA said: ‘We regret to announce that a serious error occurred around 72 hours ago on the SEOA website, and for a brief period of time it appeared to state that the sexual practice of dogging had become an accepted activity at our Two Tree Island nature reserve.’

‘We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that dogging, outdoor voyeuristic swinging, cottaging, roundhousing and Leigh Creeking have never and will never be acceptable behaviour at any SEOA site. All of our nature reserves are family-friendly in nature, and as such we cannot possible condone any sort of sexual activity involving any species.’

‘It appears that the error in the website’s text was down to an IP address error, and we have taken a number of steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. On a more serious note, we have been informed by Essex Police that patrol cars will be in place on the island for the foreseeable future to ensure that the message is understood.’

A spokesperson for Southend Borough Council confirmed that Civil Enforcement Officers could also be deployed to the island with the authority to issue £60 spot fines to anyone caught engaged in sexual activity.