Police in Southend-on-Sea have sealed off a petrol station this evening after a cashier forced a customer to take a new Nectar card at gunpoint.

Shortly before 5pm, witnesses said that a member of staff had become ‘visibly agitated’ when the customer refused to take one of the electronic loyalty cards at the third attempt.

One witness said, ‘After the third time that the elderly gentleman politely refused because he only shops there occasionally, the girl behind the counter pulled a Kalashnikov on him and said, ‘Look I’m not fucking around. Just take the damn card.’

‘To prove that she was serious, she fired seventeen rounds into a nearby blueberry muffin.’

‘At this point he quickly accepted the card and was escorted out of the shop by armed police.’

We caught up with 79-year-old Bert Premier, the customer who had been through this ordeal.

He said, ‘I don’t even know what I am supposed to do with this. Where do the Green Shield Stamps go?’