A distraught mum from Southend is calling for all schools to ban fidget spinners after her seven-year-old son had his nose cut off by an older child waving a modified version of the toy. 

According to Gisela Monge of Fairfax Drive, her son Alfredo was approached by an older boy who then swiped him across the face while holding a fidget spinner that had been adapted with the addition of Stanley Knife blades.

PC Ernest Peassi of the Southend Community Action Team told our Chief Reporter that the improvised spinning weapon was ‘incredibly easy’ to make at home.

He said: ‘When we arrested the boy who was responsible for this disgusting attack, we confiscated the modified spinner and noticed that he had simply superglued three blades onto the plastic edges to create some kind of miniature mobile rotary weapon.’

‘The blades would have come from his parents’ garage, and we also noticed that he had lubricated the ball bearings with WD40 to achieve an incredibly dangerous speed far in excess of the manufacturer’s recommendation.’

‘When we tested it in the laboratory, we found it could generate enough cutting force to split a small-to-medium Jack Russell Terrier right across the middle, and so we would advise parents to inspect their children’s fidget spinners on a regular basis.’

‘Attaching small blades is all the rage right now, but how long will it be until children are putting bigger and bigger blades on them?’

‘What’s to stop someone putting snooker balls into socks and using them with a fidget spinner to knock someone unconscious?’

The photo above shows the fidget spinner that was confiscated by police in Southend.