A few days ago, Pope Francis was quoted in an interview as saying that enjoying fake news is similar to coprophilia – this is the sexual fascination with excrement.

This was probably the weirdest insult that has ever been thrown at the fake news industry (we’ve seen some real doozies as well), but we decided to have a go at tweeting the big man directly for some sort of clarification about this as he has an official Twitter account now.


A few hours later, to our utter astonishment, we received a response!


We’re feeling a little uneasy about being told to ‘tread carefully,’ and he could have easily taken a letter out somewhere to be able to put in a final full stop – however this is still one to show the grandkids. It may have been a member of his staff who posted it, but still …

Unfortunately, the tweet was removed shortly afterwards (we have no idea why), but luckily we were able to get a screengrab in time – just as well really.