A spokesperson for the government-backed Competition Commission has confirmed that a PRICE FIXING INVESTIGATION has been opened involving Poundland and Poundworld. 

The action was triggered when a member of the public complained about a 36-pack of Custard Creams costing exactly £1 in both stores.

Nathan Cartello of the CC spoke to our Chief Reporter and confirmed that a number of other ‘worrying identical prices’ had been spotted during initial enquiries.

He added: ‘We sent a preliminary investigation team to branches of both stores, and we found more than 250 items that had the same price in both outlets.’

‘These two companies have a huge percentage of market share, and it is now our job to decide whether or not this has driven prices to an artificially-high level.’

We asked Mr Cartello if his organisation could effectively force either store to change their pricing on certain items to ensure that the marketplace remains competitive.

He added: ‘One retailer could be forced to sell certain items at a different price point, but we are acutely aware of the civil unrest that occurred last time Poundland charged more than £1 for ‘special items.’

In a further development, it has also been confirmed that more drastic measures may be required if the £1 price point is ‘set in stone’ in both stores.

He added: ‘Taking the Custard Creams as an example, we could ask Poundland to drop all of the boxes a few times so that consumers can spot a distinct difference between the two stores’ Custard Cream offering.’