A source within Eternal Heaven has confirmed that since the sad passing of the famous composer André Previn earlier today, the trio of Morecambe, Wise and Previn have done the ‘Grieg Sketch’ at least twenty times.

He said, ‘You know what? It doesn’t get any less funny.’

‘All the right notes but not necessarily in the right order. Genius. A golden nugget from an age when comedy was actually funny and not some bloke on a stage just saying ‘f**k’ over and over again.’

‘Les Dawson popped by as well at one stage. Absolute belter.’

‘Victor Borge had a go as well, but he never even got as far as the first bar.’

‘To cap it all off, Eddie Grieg got wind of it and showed up, confirmed it was a lot better that way and then hurriedly rewrote the whole concerto to accommodate the new arrangement.’