A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Prince George threw ‘a massive tantrum’ earlier on Wednesday morning when The Queen refused to have the national anthem rewritten in his honour – the commotion could allegedly be heard as far away as Southwark. 

A source said: ‘There was so much screaming in the music room at 9am that four of us went running in there with security. We thought that someone was being murdered by the sound that was coming from there.’

‘By the time we got inside, the young prince had a serious pout going on, and he kept shouting ‘MY anthem, MY song now Great Nanny.’ 

‘They kept explaining to him that the song couldn’t change until Great Nanny passes away, but he just picked up his gold-plated Twirlywoo boat and threw it at Prince Phillip. He is currently recovering from a mild concussion.’

‘He then just ran around the room with his nappy halfway down singing ‘Long Wive Our Wobel Pince.’ Bless him he tries very hard.’

‘Once he got bored with his tantrum, he ran onto the balcony and kept screaming ‘red planes red planes’ until The Duke of York managed to get hold of The Red Arrows and organise a brief fly-past.’

‘Thankfully all of this running around made him sleepy and he dozed off on one of the Corgis after while he was trying to ride her around The Great Hall.’

‘We were grateful that it didn’t end like the last tantrum when he threatened to have a nanny beheaded if she didn’t get CBeebies to continue broadcasting after 7pm. We have everything backed up on Sky+HD but he was able to tell somehow.’