A source within Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Prince Philip surrendered his driving licence and turned down a speeding course as he was ‘already really good it it.’

They added that the Duke of Edinburgh reluctantly handed over his licence and declined the offer of a half-day instructional session that would have demonstrated his commitment to ongoing care and diligence on the road.

Our source said, ‘When the local officers made their kind offer at Sandringham, he picked up the closest vase to hand and threw it on the floor in a blind rage.’

‘He screamed, ‘Why the bloody hell would I want to go on a speeding course. I’m brilliant at it already – didn’t you see that cheeky little manoeuvre near King’s Lynn the other week?’

A close friend of the Duke of Edinburgh told us that it has been suggested that he just walks everywhere in the countryside from now on. Preferably in the pissing rain just like the poor buggers who are desperate to get one of his certificates.