Residents of Shoeburyness and the surrounding areas have been describing their ‘shock and disgust’ after it was announced that plans for a nuclear power station have been controversially approved by the State Energy Planning Department – the top-secret plans were originally ‘called in’ by the Home Secretary in January 2016. Construction work on the £5bn facility will start almost immediately, and it has been estimated that the site will create more than 1000 new jobs.

Sir Henry Isotopton is in charge of the Foulness Island Atomic Energy Alliance, and he spoke to Southend News Network earlier this afternoon. He said: ‘This has always been an area of land with very few people, and we have now been given the green light to proceed as we have given assurances that local wildlife will not be affected. The local community will benefit from an extension of the C2C line to Foulness, and we have also worked closely with the rail operator to schedule around 50 waste transport services per day without affecting existing services. In conjunction with our Chinese backers Xi Ping Energy, we will make Foulness Island a worldwide name in the energy generation sector.’

Unfortunately, the news has been met with a frosty reception in neighbouring Shoeburyness and The Wakerings. Ahmed Al-Falout of Ness Road said: ‘We already have to put up with loud explosions at all hours of the day, and now our house values will plummet in he proposed ‘potential disaster zone.’ I have been doing some research online, and in the event of a meltdown the usual winds will blow radioactive material straight down the River Crouch before settling on Canewdon – they already have enough to worry about up there as it is.’


  1. Utterly brilliant! Well done Southend council and the Xi Ping Energy company, another winner! I would imagine the newly owned pier would be used to transport Nuclear waste from Fowlness Island via the railway on the pier? Along with decomposed vagrants, who end up there. Still 10000 jobs, can’t complain.