The scene at The Ravenous Pelican in Southend shortly after the massive brawl that led to more than 20 arrests.

A Southend pub was in chaos this evening after a customer attempted to use a voucher that they had been sent in an email. 

According to witnesses at The Rusty Bucket on Fairfax Drive, the trouble started when the pub chain’s electronic point of sale system was unable to scan the email’s barcode because of the shiny smartphone screen.

One witness said: ‘When the barcode scanner wouldn’t read the code for 25% off main courses, the customer asked if the manager could simply override the bill and deduct the amount manually.’

‘He was told at this point that to do so would force the accountancy department at head office to unleash the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Skeletor and the man with the cat from Inspector Gadget all in one go.’

‘She then tried to enter the discount code manually into the till, but this also failed and she very loudly asked the customer where they had got the voucher from.’

‘To be fair they might as well have just put up a massive flashing sign saying ‘Tight Bastard Alert.’

‘The manager was unable to help at this stage as he was busy manually separating two high chairs that had become stuck together.’

‘The cracking sound that was heard when the baked bean sauce that was holding them together gave way was deafening.’

‘By now, a queue of three people was forming at the bar, with the voucher chaos leading to diners being warned about a 45-minute wait for food in an otherwise empty restaurant area.’

It has been a bad week for pub restaurants in Southend as this is just the latest incident of EPOS-related drama.

On Monday evening, riot police were called to Crusty Crabs on the seafront after someone attempted to claim a Groupon.