A pub in Essex has pulled off what has been described as ‘the miracle of the century’ by fellow members of the hospitality industry after they managed to turn a £5 burger into a £34.95 Father’s Day Special by adding a complimentary pint of whatever cheap piss is due to go off that weekend.

The Truly Rogered in London Road, Southend came up with the idea after managing to turn a £6.99 December roast dinner into a £79.95 Christmas Day Special by adding a 14p cracker.

The pub’s owner Dave Fringe told us that he will now tour the United Kingdom giving lecture tours on the subject.

He said, ‘It’s not just the pint of cheap piss – it’s the whole experience.’

‘The meal itself will be vastly different from a normal Sunday, while the food on the plate and portion sizes will remain identical.’