A railway operator has been slammed today for putting up a sign that has been branded ‘racist’ by members of the public.

The ‘No refuges’ placard that was recently erected by South Essex and Thamestown Rail has been praised by far-right activists, while others have been quick to point out that it may discourage immigrants from using the service.

One witness said, ‘It’s absolutely disgusting.’

‘What are they supposed to do after they have arrived in the United Kingdom on the back of a floating wardrobe door? Walk everywhere?

Dave Frunge is divisional leader of Essex First, and he told us that the railway company should be ‘praised’ for their actions.

He said, ‘British trains for British people, that’s what I say.’

‘As a white British male, I can guarantee that if I went over to Aleppo I would find it impossible to catch a train.’