An incredibly rare new £5 that has been printed UPSIDE-DOWN has sold for £250,000 at an auction this morning.

A spokesperson for Sotheby’s has confirmed that the find was ‘one of a kind’ and may never be repeated again.

Shortly after the hammer fell on the quarter-of-a-million pound transaction, property billionaire Si Yoo-Cumin told our Chief Reporter that this was an opportunity that he simply couldn’t turn down.

He said: ‘These new polymer £5 notes are becoming highly collectible, and the chance to own what could possibly be the only upside-down note in existence was too good to miss.’

‘My cultural advisor has told me that it could be worth double that amount in five years, or maybe even ten or twenty times as much. It makes perfect business sense.’

‘I already have upside-down euro and dollar bank notes, but this will be the jewel in my collection.’

We asked him if he was sure about the collectibility of his purchase, and he pointed out that the serial number is literally ‘one of a kind.’

He added: ‘The serial number of this note is AA245634 – the first two letters alone make this a priceless addition for any Merseyside-based banknote collector.’

‘Even the serial number is printed the wrong way up as well. Everything about this note is literally priceless.’

Our conversation was cut short at this point as the resident auctioneer announced that a vertical £10 note was on offer with the main printing at a ‘perfect 90-degree angle’ and a serial number that both literally and figuratively cannot be found on any other note.’