An inflatable boat containing around 20 refugees landed on the beach at Southend On Sea this morning.

After around five minutes on dry land they could all be heard shouting ‘f**k this’ before getting back in the boat and leaving again.

It is believed that the men were of Somali origin.

A witness said: ‘Just after 6am, I saw a black inflatable vessel washed up on the beach very close to the pier at Southend.’

‘Most of the men got out and started celebrating and kissing the sand and hugging – however one of them started having a good look around and he didn’t seem too happy.’

‘A couple of local homeowners wandered over to the group with some fresh clothes and hot drinks, and I heard one of the bedraggled men say ‘This country is most definitely the best place to settle for anyone who has had to endure the most frightful and challenging plight in a nation of instability and insurmountable obstacles.’

‘The guy with the Thermos just looked at him and said, ‘you what mate?’

Another witness said: ‘A group of four ladies were walking past enjoying some chips after an all-nighter, and they saw the men and walked over while making ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ noises.’

‘The loudest of the group approached one of them and said: ‘Don’t worry fellas, we can take the lot of you,’ and within seconds they were all jumping back into the boat and pushing it out to sea again.’

A source from the Coastguard said: ‘A boat of men was picked up in The Thames and towed to Canvey Island.’

‘They immediately demanded repatriation as they didn’t fancy Sadlers Farm on a Wednesday morning.’