A spokesperson for the UK Anti-Semitism Reporting Centre has confirmed that reports of Anti-Semitism fell by more than 5000% as soon as the polls closed for last week’s general election.

According to experts, the most recent reports of potential anti-Semitic activity have included incidents where people have actually been anti-Semitic, as opposed to Daily Mail readers insisting that they had overheard Jeremy Corbyn remarking that he could ‘take or leave’ Neil Diamond.

The spokesperson said, ‘It was the strangest thing.’

‘Just after 10pm last Thursday, loads of people suddenly lost interest in the whole anti-Semitism thing.’

‘I haven’t looked at all of the statistics yet, but it was almost like the whole concept had been blown out of all proportion to create a skewed narrative of society that would be at the front of people’s minds when they walked into their local polling station, even though the process trivialised some of the most despicable acts of the 20th Century.’

‘Still. Must have been a massive coincidence or something.’