Residents of an Essex village have reacted angrily after the local parish council approved plans for a mosque made entirely out of glass to be built. 

Councillors in Middle Wakering voted 14-2 in favour of the proposals for the Al-Mumsi Prayer Centre, but some locals have vowed to fight the decision.

Derek Maize owns an off licence in the village, and he told Southend News Network that he would ‘battle tooth and nail’ to get the permission overturned.

He said, ‘It’s a disgrace.’

’I know that the Imam is keen to make the prayer centre open and transparent to try and fight against any misconceptions about Islam, but making it see-through is too much.’

’We have formed a protest committee and have already printed 100 flyers. If the building work goes ahead, we are going to walk in there and throw them all into the air.’

’Half of them are silver and the other half are gold to make sure they catch everyone’s attention.’