Residents in the small Essex town of South Woodham Ferrers have called for swift action to be taken after a local graffiti artist has spent the last month drawing 70’s TV paedophiles all over the town.

According to community leader Mort Jonners, finding a crude drawing of Rolf Harris on a local building site panel is ‘the last straw.’

He added: ‘This all started a few weeks ago with an improvised Jimmy Savile on a bus shelter, and ever since then we have woken up to a new image of a disgraced TV personality practically every day.’

‘I have been in touch with the police on a number of occasions and still he or she is roaming the town late at night and wreaking havoc.’

‘My committee is currently working flat out to encourage major retail names like Sainsbury’s and KFC to move into the town, but they are hardly going to invest locally if they are confronted by this filth all over the place.’

‘I wouldn’t be surprised if Marks and Spencer pull the plug on their new petrol station and food store over this – probably just as well as the fuel at Steve’s place is way more petroly anyway.’

We asked some of the local residents what they thought of the Rolf Harris drawing, and surprisingly one person who didn’t want to be named thought that it was ‘a fantastic tribute.’

He said: ‘I’ve been trying to flog my collection of Animal Hospital VHS tapes for donkey’s years, so I am going to set up a little stall down there and try to catch people when they come along to look at the artwork.’

‘It’s about time we had something cultured in South Woodham Ferrers. There was an exhibition of local photography the other day and it was just 140 pictures of people parked like dicks at ASDA.’