The search for the worst possible place to put temporary traffic lights in Rochford continues .....


In spite of growing public anger, road officials responsible for the one, single main road that runs through Rochford, Hawkwell and Hockley into Rayleigh have insisted that they intend to continue their current project to try and locate the most inconsiderate possible locations for temporary traffic lights.

Southend News Network understands that the current location close to the Bull Inn on Main Road in Hockley has caused a level of disruption that far exceeds expectations, with results that are even more encouraging than the repeated installation of temporary lights at the junction with Gusted Hall Lane earlier in the year. This particular experiment was carried out over and over again to ensure that their findings were accurate.

We contacted the local government for a comment, and their only statement was that drivers don’t normally need to use roads after 6 pm, but an unnamed source confirmed that a delivery of 100 sets of temporary traffic lights has arrived in the last few days. Managers of a similar traffic disruption project during the day at Kent Elms Corner in Leigh On Sea are reportedly watching the situation closely to see if temporary traffic lights could create even more misery for the unfortunate drivers that need to use this vital stretch of the A127.

In another late development, the long-term temporary lights on Ashingdon Road could have an extra set installed between the current lights to see how traffic controls within other traffic controls affect the flow of traffic.



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  1. Sir, is there any truth to the speculation of a handbags at dawn fight between the local council for Ashingdon and Her Majesty’s Collectors of Speeding Photos, as the trial of traffic light locations risks obscuring the view of the Great Gatso on Ashingdon Road?