Where the trouble started .....

Motorists in Rochford have described ‘a total and utter shambles’ this morning after two-mile tailbacks have developed in all directions from the mini-roundabout by the station.

West Street, Hall Road and Ashingdon Road are currently gridlocked.

The trouble started at 7.04am today when a Vauxhall Corsa, another Vauxhall Corsa and a third Vauxhall Corsa all arrived at the busy roundabout at exactly the same time.

The odds of this happening have been estimated at 4235 to 1.

Due to this unusual event, all three drivers were initially unsure about who should give way to who (or whom).

Afrer three minutes of awkwardly edging forwards and backwards it soon became clear that a standoff was developing.

Sally Adroite, who was walking to the station at the time, described the situation developing in the middle of busy rush hour traffic.

She said: ‘Everyone knows that you have to give way to the right at a mini-roundabout, but there isn’t anything in the Highway Code about what to do if three vehicles all arrive at one at the same time.’

‘There was utter madness with everyone creeping forward and then reversing in unison.’

‘Each driver seemed too polite and confused to make a move.’

‘It was like they were doing some kind of Hokey Cokey with their clutch pedals.’

UPDATE: A representative from Essex Council has arrived to install temporary traffic lights at the scene.

This hasn’t helped the situation, but a spokesperson has said that it is ‘standard procedure’ for pretty much any sort of road-based issue in Rochford.



  1. There’s always a bit of truth in everything and there is more truth in this posting. Plans *are* in place to ‘improve’ this junction by installing traffic lights, so the normal flow of traffic (albeit hesitant) at this junction will stop completely for the required legal number of seconds which has been shown at other junctions to cause more delays than leaving things s they are