A spokesperson for Royal Mail has confirmed today that the SS postcode, the two letters that have been used to designate Southend, Basildon and the rest of South Essex for a number of years, will be scrapped in 2017 after a number of complaints were received about how the code invokes images of the Nazis. 

A competition will now be held in local schools  where children can come up with two new letters for hundreds and thousands of local homes and businesses. 

Royal Mail’s Head of Postcode Procurement Alan Codekski spoke EXCLUSIVELY to our Chief Reporter about the ‘historic decision.’

He said: ‘It has always been an unfortunate coincidence that the SS postcode has matched the ‘Schutzstaffel,’ a particularly nasty element of Nazi Germany, but until now the number of complaints has been limited. However, more than 5000 complaints have been made by email in 2016, and so we have been forced to act.’

‘From August 2017, the SS postcode will be scrapped and replaced with two new letters that will be decided through a local schools competition. To enter, all children have to do is pick a pair of letters that are not currently in use and explain why they think that their entry is the best choice.’

While the decision appears to have already been approved, a leading postcode science professor feels that this could open the ‘floodgates’ for other postcodes that can cause offence. 

Professor Julian Spudge from the University of Barling Magna spoke to our Newsdesk earlier this afternoon. He said: ‘This really could be the tip of the iceberg.’

‘A number of republican Belfast residents resent having the BT postcode as it stands for British Telecom, and people in Blackpool are tired of having the initials for ‘F**k You’ on their mail.’

‘I’m pretty sure that everyone in Kirkaldy is pretty tired of being told to ‘lube up’ as well.’