A spokesperson for Royal Mail has confirmed that the entire company will be known as Royal Post from 2020 after a successful lawsuit from the campaign group Women For Equal Equality For Everyone.

According to legal papers that have been published, the case was heard at the High Court in London by Lord Justice Custis, who adjudicated that it is indeed sexist and ‘pro-male’ for the nation’s national postal service to be referred to as ‘Royal Mail.’

In summing up, he said, ‘Although the spelling of ‘male’ is different, it has to be remembered that a significant number of people who complained were unable to spell the word correctly in the first place.’

‘Therefore, if we exponentiate this small group of people into a whole-national scenario, it is clear that millions of other people will make the same assumption.’

‘Because of this, with the mass potential for offence to be caused in a 2018 society that must be seen to treat all genders with the same conditions, I am going to rule in favour of the complainants.’

‘I am hereby giving notice that Royal Mail have until January 31st 2020 to change all branding and official documentation.’

Jemimah Flunge-Veganovic is the chief of Women For Equal Equality For Everyone, and she told us that she was delighted with the news.

She added, ‘This is just the first successful step in what we hope will be a fruitful campaign to drag corporate Britain kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.’

‘We now have a subsequent case against Top Man to prepare for.’

A statement from Royal Mail confirmed that they will probably just stick the first class up again to cover any costs.