An infant school in Southend On Sea told all of their children that they had to attend a SEXUAL HARASSMENT CLASS before they were allowed to send each other Valentine’s Day cards this year.

All of the children at Sally’s Mound Infant Academy in Osborne Road are between the ages of four and six years old, and the end of term session included a number of worksheets and role play exercises about where to ‘draw the line’ when sending a message to your childhood sweetheart.

Dr Clive Gland is the headteacher of the school, and he told Southend News Network that the session had been ‘a 100% success,’ with absolutely no instances of inappropriate cards being sent this year.

He added: ‘I am delighted with the conduct of every single pupil.’

‘The one-hour session gave a number examples of exactly what they could and couldn’t include in their Valentine’s Day cards.’

‘For instance, we made it clear that while it is sweet and innocent enough to say, ‘You are my special Valentine’s Day wish, and you are very lovely,’ we also hit home that it would be entirely unacceptable to write, ‘I want to smash you with the force of a thousand suns behind the tuck shop.’

‘We also told the children that nobody should add kisses to their cards without asking them first if it was OK to do so, and we achieved this by getting everyone to sign their cards with their full name and adding a tear-off consent slip before the child could then get it countersigned by a member of staff, pass the slip and the card to its original sender, and then get the card back once again with the kisses added to it.’

‘I feel that this was a great lesson to prepare the children for their later adolescence when it comes to courting.’

In another development, a guinea pig at a school in the village of Canewdon has been celebrating after he got more Valentine’s Day cards than anybody else in the entire school.

Gary the Guinea Pig has been the official pet of Canewdon Lane Primary School for a number of years, and he told Southend News Network that it was all ‘innocent fun.’