The Senate hearing with Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a surprising twist today when one of the senators attending asked the social media network’s founder if he had tried solving recent data thefts and Russian interference in the US elections by turning the Facebook off and on again.

The question was asked by Senator Dan Fangledangler from the State of Tennessee, who just a few minutes earlier had asked Zuckerberg if he was able to give any advice about completing Level 643 of Candy Crush Saga.

He added, ‘The Facebook? That’s the same thing as MySpace isn’t it?’

‘If you haven’t already tried turning it off and then on again I would strongly advise you to do so. Every time my laptop crashes after keeping 178 browser tabs open I do this and then it is all OK again.’

‘We all know that a significant amount of data has been taken on this occasion, so surely it could have been kept somewhere a bit safer like one of those filing cabinets that locks at the top.’

‘The next question came from Senator Sylvia Funkledunkle from the State of Michigan, and she said, ‘Every time I try and wish someone a Happy Birthday, I just write ‘Happy Birthday’ on my own timeline.’

‘The person celebrating never gets to see it.’

‘Is this because the tag has been stolen by the Russians?’

I’m always super careful to sign my full name at the end of every comment on there to make sure that everyone knows that it is from me.’