A bus (artists impression).

The Southend Bus Company has announced full details of service changes for the Christmas and New Year period of 2015 – 2016, along with a number of fare revisions that have been described as ‘necessary.’

In order to provide a bus service throughout Southend that is both safe and sound for all concerned, the following timetable changes will be in operation:

  • Wednesday 23rd December – Monday Service
  • Thursday 24th December – Wednesday Service
  • Friday 25th December – No Services, with the exception of an hourly shuttle bus circling Two Tree Island
  • Saturday 26th December – Tuesday Service
  • 27th-30th December – Normal Service, so not really many services at all
  • Thursday 31st December – All services finishing at 3pm to leave party people in a fight to the death for taxis
  • Friday 1st January – Hangover Special from Southend Town Centre to Hadleigh with dimmed windows
  • Saturday 2nd January – Dinner Service

However, it isn’t all bad news for bus users in Southend. There have been fears that January 2016 would see a 25% fare increase across the network, but a Southend Bus Company spokesperson has confirmed that this will not happen.

He said, ‘We are pleased to announce that the rumoured 25% fare increase simply isn’t true – ticket prices will simply be revised upwards by a quarter at the beginning of 2016. This represents fantastic value for money for everyone in Southend, and we are even increasing the number of daily buses to Sorry Not In Service by 75%. Residents in this village already enjoy some of the most frequent bus routes in the world, and we are delighted to be doing even more for people there.’

There were also a number of minor points with the announcement, and these are detailed as follows below underneath:

  • A maximum of fifteen coins will be accepted in each transaction, provided that they have all been polished to an acceptable standard.
  • All electronic info boards at bus stops in the borough will be replaced with fixed notices saying ‘Refer to the wall.’
  • From March 2016, the return section of a bus ticket will only be valid in the original direction of travel of the outward journey.

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  1. Yet again the fair burgers of sorry not in service get preferentially treated!., I have recently moved away from sorry not in service to very very little wakering and the bus service is almost nil. Indeed, to get myself into the beautiful surroundings of glamorous and often visited by celebrities, Southend upon da sea, I am now faced with an impossible hike to medium wakering, a little over 309 yards. Scandalous. And when I get there what do I find. Other people getting da bus. My bus, it’s just not fair. And for all this I will have to stump up another quarter from January next. Thank god it will not be rising by the 25% previously rumoured. I tried to get a taxi the other day from my new house . I was going to the Alda superdooperwooperstore in strawberryness and when I asked how long the taxi would be they said appx 12 feet!., when will you peeps start taking me seriously.