The Internet has been in a state of shock today after the tech giant Google announced a revolutionary new service where people can check if things that apparently haven’t been in the media have actually been in the fucking media.

The search engine, which is being simply referred to as ‘Google,’ has the potential to revolutionise online whataboutery arguments during the current Black Lives Matter situation and indeed any future occasions where allegedly the media has been silent about something, other than all of the times when the mainstream media has covered it.

In a launch video today, Google’s VP of Anti-Strawmanism Jerome Robsonne said that he had no idea how this sort of thing hadn’t already been developed.

He added, ‘Imagine the scene. You are in the middle of a discussion thread on Facebook about a Black Lives Matter march, and suddenly you feel compelled to hit back with a counterargument asking ‘where is the media coverage about …’ before adding a scenario that has absolutely fuck all to do with anything.’

‘From this point forward, for the first time in history, Facebookers will now have the opportunity to visit a free and fast service where you simply enter the thing that the media has allegedly been silent about, and then tap the button labelled ‘News’ to find approximately 178 instances where it has appeared in the media.’

‘Millions of people now have an incredible opportunity to avoid making an absolute hoofwanking bunglec*nt of themselves in public.’

However, not all Facebook users have reacted positively to the news.

Michael Siyuenti said, ‘There may well be media coverage about something, but where is the outrage? Well apart from in the comments anyway. It’s all bollocks isn’t it?’