Donald Crumpet

All over the world people are battling cancer, fighting or fleeing oppressive government regimes, caring for sick relatives and saving small children from burning buildings – however I have recently realised that sharing a Facebook status is the greatest possible act of bravery that anyone could ever commit.

I was scrolling through my newsfeed and catching up with the latest inspirational memes and self-centred ‘everything is shit’ rantings from my nearest and dearest, when suddenly I saw a badly laid out image with a lot of text on it and it really caught my attention. It was about homeless people or those with an intolerance to wheat or something like that, and right at the end was the aggressive sentence ‘I bet only 1% of people who see this post will have the bravery to share it’ – to this person I say ‘bravo!’ Clicking on a little button or tapping the word ‘Share’ on a touchscreen device takes an incredible amount of thought and determination, along with a healthy dose of not giving a flying toss about what their own friends will think.

Ladies and gentlemen of the planet, it is time that these courageous individuals get the recognition that they deserve! When someone posts a semi-coherent rant image about illegal dog breeding, surely it should be them who are up on stage getting a trophy from Ant and Dec. When the New Year’s Honours list is announced, why can’t your Auntie Doreen become a Dame of The British Empire after sharing a photo of a ‘desperate immigrant’ or an ‘ISIS soldier’ with some kind of idiotic line of text about solidarity or hatred?

At the same time, anyone who berates their so-called friends for not sharing these life-changing posts? Hats off to you!

Donald Crumpet is an occasional contributor to Southend News Network, and his opinions/rantings/threats of casual violence do not represent the official position of Southend News Network as a company.