Members of the public have been describing their SHOCK after an ex-reality TV star was spotted in public with visible cleavage and immaculate make-up.

In a further shocking development, it has emerged that a photographer was at the scene with his camera already set up and ready to capture the Z-Lister in a variety of spontaneous poses.

A witness said: ‘It’s crazy! It keeps happening over and over again. It’s like she has some sort of agent or something who has an arrangement with the press to generate media coverage in an attempt to develop a career.’

‘She was caught in the act of taking out the rubbish in her knickers a few weeks ago. Thank heavens that someone was there to capture the whole story scene by scene.’

At this stage another woman jogged past with possibly the largest knockers and the flattest stomach that have ever been spotted in the Northern Hemisphere, but she remained unphotographed due to lack of a publicist.