There have been shockwaves across the Little Kingdom and the rest of Europe today after a majority of voters in the country elected to LEAVE the European Union. 

With all votes in their referendum counted shortly after 9am on Sunday morning, it emerged that a slim majority of 51.9% had decided to call time on the nation’s brief relationship with Brussels that was originally masterminded by King Thistle.

LK Vote Leave chairman Wise Old Elf said that it was a ‘momentous day’ for the tiny state.

He said: ‘Uncontrolled immigration from the rest of the EU has put a massive strain on our country.’

‘Gnomes keep turning up here and eating all of our farm produce, just as fast as we can grow it, and Big Bad Barry has taken over our fishing waters – it’s time to take back control of our borders.’

Campaign organiser Nanny Plum added: ‘It’s time to return to a culture of Little Kingdom citizens coming first for jobs ahead of imported labour.’

‘The sooner that Mrs Fotheringill is sent home the better.’

LK Remain chairman Mr Elf told our Chief Reporter that this was a ‘sad day’ for everyone who voted to remain as part of a ‘democratic and open club.’

He said: ‘We can expect prices for many imported items to go sky-high now.’

‘Although our organic produce is grown within the kingdom, our tins of baked beans have to be imported as we refuse to bring them in with fairy magic.’

‘The dwarves are pissed off as hell too now as the diamonds and gold that they dig dig dig are sent all over the world.’

‘We need a realistic trade deal as soon as possible.’

There were fears initially that the vote would have to be postponed because of severe weather conditions across the country.

However, a spokesperson for the Little Kingdom Electoral Commission said he was delighted that so many voters didn’t let the jelly flood stop them from going out and voting.

LKEC communications secretary Gaston added: ‘woof.’